Public sector

Sustainable use, increasing biodiversity and using natural resources are high on the Dutch government’s agenda. Many initiatives are being taken to develop an effective national policy because more attention is needed for biodiversity.

Green is healthy

A green and sustainable outdoor space ensures that a city will function better in terms of living and recreation and a company will function better in terms of work. Green has a stress-reducing effect and is better for work balance. It stimulates social contacts and promotes exercise. A green environment also has a beneficial effect on the microclimate. There is more room for economic and other social activities if nature goes well.

So green is no longer just decoration, but contributes to the quality of the living environment and the health of humans and animals. It is therefore an important task for the entire public sector to get nature back into the heart of our society.

Vivara Pro can contribute to the design of a green and sustainable outdoor space. For example, by providing advice on the basis of a Quickscan inventory for the design of areas, sites and buildings to increase biodiversity. We also provide advice and products for setting up “temporary nature”. To support, Vivara Pro also provides educational signage. With the right communication you can profile your sustainable goals clearly and professionally.

Vivara Pro provides tailor-made advice for projects of municipalities, provinces, water boards, educational institutions and healthcare.