Housing associations

More and more housing corporations are carrying out projects to improve biodiversity. In this way they also contribute to the quality of life and the perception of the living environment. Existing homes are also being made more sustainable and more and more new homes are being built sustainably. For higher living comfort and affordability of energy costs in the future.

Sometimes these projects to improve biodiversity do not meet the local needs of the flora and fauna. It is therefore important that the theme of biodiversity is included as a point of attention from the start of a plan development.

Vivara Pro can carry out a Quickscan in collaboration with ecological consultancy firms. During a Quickscan, an expert examines, by means of a visit, which flora and fauna are present, makes an estimate which flora and fauna may also be present and should be supported. This way you can tailor your project to the local flora and fauna needs. Vivara Pro can provide as well as monitor and maintain the delivery and installation of the products to support this local flora and fauna.

Housing associations have a lot to do with nesting birds and bats in buildings. In addition to various (built-in) products, we also offer monitoring and maintenance for renovation and/or new construction.

Vivara Pro provides tailor-made advice to housing associations.