Farmer is looking for Bat Project

The Netherlands consists largely of agricultural land and the Farmer is looking for Bat project (Boer zoekt vleermuis) encourages farmers to make their land more attractive to bats by making changes including erecting bat boxes.

This is both good for biodiversity and good for the farmer as bats catch a lot of insects which can reduce the number of flies bothering livestock. This can also help reduced the use of pesticides typically used to control the numbers of insects around cattle.

The project was carried out by one of our European partners, Zoogdiervereniging (the Dutch Mammal Society) along with the Centre for Agriculture and the Environment (CLM) in collaboration with agriculture and landscape associations. Three provinces participated in the project, with at least 30 farms erecting over 270 bat boxes.

In South Holland, bat experts surveyed 25 agricultural premises, predominantly dairy farms, looking at the sites, expected species and immediate environment and made recommendations for each location.

The measures recommended were then applied and over 160 Vivara Pro Bat Boxes were used as part of the action taken, with occupancy of some boxes being reported within the first year in situ!