Construction and real estate

Sustainable construction is developing and using homes, buildings and other structures with respect for people and the environment. Sustainable building contributes to a better environment and a healthy living and working environment. In sustainable construction, for example, sustainable materials are used and/or materials are reused. A healthy indoor climate, responsible water use and energy savings are ensured.

Sustainable building also includes a green environment. For example, installing a green facade or a green roof. Make the site and/or building attractive and suitable for the existing fauna by means of planting or nesting boxes.

Companies like to establish themselves in a green environment. Real estate is more desirable in a green environment and therefore also has more financial value.

Sustainable building is good for a company’s image. In addition, it reduces stress and is better for work balance. As a result, the employees deliver a higher return because, for example, there is less absenteeism due to illness.

Vivara Pro can contribute to the green environment and sustainable construction. When developing large or small projects, it is important to take flora and fauna into account at an early stage. At the start of a building design, Vivara Pro offers support for fitting products for, for example, birds and bats. During construction, we offer technical support so that the products are installed/bricked in the right way.

Vivara Pro provides tailor-made advice to architects, project developers, construction companies and (facade) renovation companies.