Sustainable use, increasing biodiversity and using natural resources are high on the Dutch government’s agenda. Many initiatives are being taken to develop an effective national policy because more attention is needed for biodiversity.

Green is healthy

A green and sustainable outdoor space ensures that a city will function better in terms of living and recreation and a company will function better in terms of work. Green has a stress-reducing effect and is better for work balance. It stimulates social contacts and promotes exercise. A green environment also has a beneficial effect on the microclimate. There is more room for economic and other social activities if nature goes well.

So green is no longer just decoration, but contributes to the quality of the living environment and the health of humans and animals. It is therefore an important task for the entire public sector to get nature back into the heart of our society.

Vivara Pro can contribute to the design of a green and sustainable outdoor space. For example, by providing advice on the basis of a Quickscan inventory for the design of areas, sites and buildings to increase biodiversity. We also provide advice and products for setting up “temporary nature”. To support, Vivara Pro also provides educational signage. With the right communication you can profile your sustainable goals clearly and professionally.

Vivara Pro provides tailor-made advice for projects of municipalities, provinces, water boards, educational institutions and healthcare.

Sustainable construction is developing and using homes, buildings and other structures with respect for people and the environment. Sustainable building contributes to a better environment and a healthy living and working environment. In sustainable construction, for example, sustainable materials are used and/or materials are reused. A healthy indoor climate, responsible water use and energy savings are ensured.

Sustainable building also includes a green environment. For example, installing a green facade or a green roof. Make the site and/or building attractive and suitable for the existing fauna by means of planting or nesting boxes.

Companies like to establish themselves in a green environment. Real estate is more desirable in a green environment and therefore also has more financial value.

Sustainable building is good for a company’s image. In addition, it reduces stress and is better for work balance. As a result, the employees deliver a higher return because, for example, there is less absenteeism due to illness.

Vivara Pro can contribute to the green environment and sustainable construction. When developing large or small projects, it is important to take flora and fauna into account at an early stage. At the start of a building design, Vivara Pro offers support for fitting products for, for example, birds and bats. During construction, we offer technical support so that the products are installed/bricked in the right way.

Vivara Pro provides tailor-made advice to architects, project developers, construction companies and (facade) renovation companies.

More and more housing corporations are carrying out projects to improve biodiversity. In this way they also contribute to the quality of life and the perception of the living environment. Existing homes are also being made more sustainable and more and more new homes are being built sustainably. For higher living comfort and affordability of energy costs in the future.

Sometimes these projects to improve biodiversity do not meet the local needs of the flora and fauna. It is therefore important that the theme of biodiversity is included as a point of attention from the start of a plan development.

Vivara Pro can carry out a Quickscan in collaboration with ecological consultancy firms. During a Quickscan, an expert examines, by means of a visit, which flora and fauna are present, makes an estimate which flora and fauna may also be present and should be supported. This way you can tailor your project to the local flora and fauna needs. Vivara Pro can provide as well as monitor and maintain the delivery and installation of the products to support this local flora and fauna.

Housing associations have a lot to do with nesting birds and bats in buildings. In addition to various (built-in) products, we also offer monitoring and maintenance for renovation and/or new construction.

Vivara Pro provides tailor-made advice to housing associations.

Vivara Pro works together with various ecological consultancy firms. Among other things, they provide advice and are engaged for research under the Nature Conservation Act. For the implementation of the results, Vivara Pro supplies the desired products and takes care of their installation. We can also take care of the maintenance of the products. This cooperation creates a win-win situation.

It is important to enable nature around our infrastructure. This applies to the flora but certainly also to the fauna. Vivara Pro offers various options for this and is happy to think along about the design of this nature. For example, we offer native seed mixtures for both birds and insects for setting up roadsides. We install so-called “birds of prey posts” to prevent birds of prey and owls from sitting in the tops of young tree plantations.

Vivara Pro can also provide advice on setting up sustainable rest areas and/or rest areas.

Vivara Pro provides tailor-made advice to road construction, rail and airports.

In recreation in nature there is a thin dividing line; what is nature and what is recreation. How do these two go together without disturbing nature. It is important to look at the possibilities of making good use of the small pieces of nature. Vivara Pro can help with this. We offer various products to furnish areas. It is possible to place educational signage with every project that Vivara Pro realizes.

Biodiversity can easily be increased on existing and newly constructed leisure areas by installing nesting boxes and/or bat boxes, among other things. The construction of nature-friendly green areas and gardens also provides an attractive environment for people and animals. Placing insect walls also fits in here.

Vivara Pro provides tailor-made advice to golf courses, sports parks, holiday parks/campsites, zoos and amusement parks.

Nature and farmers need each other to design the outdoor space. Farmers are increasingly aware of this. Biodiversity in the surrounding landscape is of great importance, especially for the crops. Bees and bumblebees pollinate fruit trees, parasitic wasps and ladybugs control aphids and worms improve the soil structure.

Also around the farm itself there is often a lot of space to make it attractive for flora and fauna. A quick scan makes it clear what is possible. Possibilities include, for example, the construction of pools, sowing (with native flower seeds) or planting vacant lots, placing nesting boxes for birds and bats and placing insect hotels.

Placing nest boxes for birds of prey and owls is an option in case of mouse nuisance, this ensures natural control of mice.

Vivara Pro provides tailor-made advice to farmers and landscapers.