About Vivara Pro

Vivara Pro is the expert in Europe to implement professional projects and offer products and services for mitigation, biodiversity enhancement, flora & fauna compensation and sustainability.

Our unique selling points:

  • In-house product development with the latest developments and highly innovative.
  • We manufacture our own products.
  • Cooperation with nature conservation organisations and we make a financial contribution to these organisations.
  • Own advisors and ecologists so that we have quick and professional contact with our customers.
  • Own project execution within a specialised network.

History of Vivara Pro

The origin of Vivara lies with nature conservation products for use in the private garden. Products like premium birdfood, feeding systems, nesting boxes, nature-friendly planting, books and educational products. Vivara was launched in 1994 and has around 300 employees. From Vivara, the business unit Vivara Pro was launched in September 2014.

Vivara Pro was created due to the high demand for products for professional organisations for nature-inclusive building and increasing biodiversity.

Working method

Vivara Pro supports and advises public authorities and trade and industry with the nature-friendly design of outdoor areas. With our expertise, we know how to take the right measures. Our advice and measures increase the biodiversity of the outdoor space.

Vivara Pro offers a complete package of services, consisting of

  • Inventory of current flora and fauna (baseline measurement)
  • Sound advice, possibly in collaboration with ecological consulting firms (e.g. for BREEAM certification)
  • Complete range of products for mitigating measures, if desired entirely custom-made
  • Installation of the facilities