Vivara Pro Woodstone® Insect Block

IP BL 02 Insectenblok
IP BL 02 Insectenblok

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These durable homes will attract insects such as wild bees, lacewings and ladybirds. These are beneficial to gardens as they feed on aphids, spiders, mites and small caterpillars.

Our WoodStone® range are constructed from a mix of concrete and wood fibres, guaranteeing longevity and durability.

Leading invertebrate conservation charity, Buglife, were so impressed with our insect houses that they have endorsed the complete Vivara Pro range, commenting on "a really well designed and practical selection" of habitats.


Place the insect block preferably in a sunny area, in close proximity to plants and flowers. The front, where possible, aimed at the south. Hang the insect block up at least 2 metres high.

The insect block can also be directly built into a façade or partition wall. The suspension bracket will need to be removed for this.


The insect block does not require maintenance but check annually. The bamboo tubes do not need to be replaced unless they are damaged or have been pulled out.


Stock code 92056
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 18.5 x 27 x 9
Weight (kg) 3.2
Colour Grey/Natural
Material Woodstone® / Bamboo
Wildlife (species) Solitary Bees
Wildlife (general) Solitary Bees, Other Insects