Project Case Studies

Vivara Pro is involved in numerous projects with our partners and customers throughout Europe. Below are case studies on some of our previous projects.

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  • Farmer is Looking for Bat

    Farmer is Looking for Bat

    The Farmer is looking for Bat project in The Netherlands (Boer zoekt vleermuis) encourages farmers to make their land more attractive to bats by making changes including erecting bat boxes. This is both good for biodiversity and good for the farmer as bats catch a lot of insects which can reduce the number of flies bothering livestock.

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  • Fauna Tower (Boxmeer, NL)

    The old St. Catherine’s Monastery was to be demolished, but wildlife including Swifts, House Sparrows and bats had moved into the derelict building. Before demolition work could start alternative nesting and roosting accommodation had to be provided in the immediate vicinity of the Monastery, so the local authority asked us to build a fauna tower.

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