Vivara Pro WoodStone® Interconnectable Bat Box

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There are various bat species that can use this bat box, this depends on the species that occur locally and where the bat box is hung. The box will be used during the summer and in mild winters for roosting and shelter.

The box has been designed in conjunction with wildlife experts and includes a single narrow cavity making it ideal for crevice roosting bats. The box is made using sustainable materials and no chemical additives are using during production.

Our unique WoodStone® material offers good thermal insulation and therefore creates a more stable internal temperature and rough surface to ensure bats have enough grip to access the box. In addition to creating optimal conditions within the box, WoodStone® habitats also help protect inhabitants from predators.

Bats need to increase their body temperature before flight so prefer warm roosting spots, which is why many of our bat boxes have a black exterior to absorb heat from the sun.

The box consists of 1 compartment with a gap of 2 centimetres, the width of the slot is 25 centimetres and the height is 45 centimetres


This box is ideal for installation directly under a roof edge, gutter or under a bridge or dam. The box can easily be connected to another by removing the connecting pieces on either side and then placing the cabinets tightly against each other. This can be repeated with multiple boxes as required, creating an ever-larger area for the bats. The bats can then crawl from one box to the other. Fasteners are supplied.

The box can be situated in any wind direction, however the southern side is most preferred. Place the box as high as possible in the façade, it should be at least 2.5 meters high. Where possible, it should be placed on a façade where the sun shines on in the afternoon/evening.

Keep the approach path to the entrance free, do not let trees or shrubs grow in front of the wall. Where bats are, one can find droppings, the entrance should therefore not be placed above a door, window or balcony. Multiple boxes per location is preferred.

Box Location

Suitable For

On buildings

Common pipistrelle, Nathusius's pipistrelle, Soprano pipistrelle and Serotine bat

On trees

Common pipistrelle, Nathusius's pipistrelle, Soprano pipistrelle, Whiskered bat, Brandt's bat, Daubenton's bat, Natterers bat, Common noctule, Lesser noctule, Brown Long-Eared bat and Pond bat

In damp basements or bunkers

Brown Long Eared bat, Daubenton's bat, Natterers bat, Whiskered bat, Common pipistrelle and Pond bat

In attics or stables

Common pipistrelle, Whiskered bat, Brown Long Eared Bat, Daubenton's bat, Natterers bat and Pond bat

WoodStone® for life.....

WoodStone® nest boxes are constructed from a mix of concrete and wood fibres (FSC certified). This mix of materials provides:

  • Excellent insulating properties which give a more consistent internal temperature – vital for incubation and brood survival
  • A durable exterior which makes the boxes resistant to all weather conditions and predators such as squirrels & larger birds
  • The breathable material reduces condensation and prevents rotting
  • WoodStone® boxes from Vivara Pro are guaranteed for 10 years
  • Forest Stewardship Council®
  • Vivara 10 year guarantee


Stock code 91457
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 38 x 50 x 7
Inner Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 28 x 39 x 2.5
Weight (kg) 7.6
Colour Black
Material WoodStone®
Wildlife (species) Common pipistrelle, Nathusius's pipistrelle, Lesser noctule, Serotine bat, Brown Long Eared Bat , Whiskered bat, Pond bat, Daubenton's bat, Soprano pipistrelle, Parti-coloured bat, Common noctule
Wildlife (general) Bats