Peregrine Falcon Nest Box

RK SL 01 Nestkast Slechtvalk / Oehoe
RK SL 01 Nestkast Slechtvalk / Oehoe

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This nest box is suitable for the Peregrine Falcon


The nest box is supplied with the metal grate, and also bags of pebbles that can be used as nesting material. This box should be placed on high buildings such as flats, towers or churches. This is specialist work. as each location must be examined, for the best location of the nest to be placed. Vivara Pro can advise and take care of the placement.


Maintenance to the box must take place in the winter months. Remains must be removed during cleaning. Each year the suspension/installation must be checked along with the overall condition of the nest box.


Stock code 90801
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 64 x 80 x 62
Weight (kg) 40
Colour Brown/Grey
Material Concrete plex / Metal
Wildlife (species) Peregrine Falcon
Wildlife (general) Birds of Prey