Woodstone® Tawny Owl Nest Box

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A durable nest box designed to provide a perfect nest site for Tawny Owls. A sturdy mounting bracket and two adjustable securing points near the base allow for straightforward fixing to a tree. Catches on either side allow the roof to be removed for cleaning.


Screws for hanging the nesting box are included. The box should not hang in the sun all day. Lay the box interior with a small layer of nesting material, such as peat.

Hang the nest box at the edge of a forest, in the forest, in a park or, preferably, a large garden, it should be at least 4m high.


Once a year, preferably in October, the nesting box must be cleaned. To do this, the roof of the nesting box can be removed. During cleaning, remove the old nests and then lay the box interior with a small layer of nesting material (such as peat). The suspension must also be checked annually.


Stock code 90665
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 28 x 52 x 31
Inner Dimensions (h x Ø) (cm) 43 x 20
Weight (kg) 12
Colour Grey/Black
Hole Size 300mm
Material Woodstone®
Wildlife (species) Tawny Owl, Cave Pigeon, Jackdaw
Wildlife (general) Owl, Other Songbirds