Woodstone® Madrid Swift Nest (Entrance in Floor)

NK GZ 03 Nestkast Gierzwaluw
NK GZ 03 Nestkast Gierzwaluw

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This nest box as the name suggests it suitable for the Swift. Swifts see our buildings as substitute "rockeries" where they would breed in a natural habitat.

The population of these birds has declined since the 1970s and all three species are now on the Amber List of Birds of Conservation Concern. Property maintenance and renovation often denies access to these birds, so providing a specially designed nest box is a practical way of helping the species and may be a condition of planning consent.


Decide where the nest box will be sited, and then fix the metal bracket to the wall. The nest box then just slides over the bracket holding it firmly. This also makes it easier to mount a camera in this box as there is a sizeable hole in the back where the plate fixes.

Hang the nest boxes preferably directly under a roof overhang or gutter. Hanging a number of boxes together is an advantage as swifts nest together as a colony. Enusre the nest box is not pointing into direct sunlight. No nesting material needs to be added.


Swifts are very clean so the box does not need cleaning unless it has been used by other species. Periodically check the fixings to ensure they are still firmly attached.

Please note: colouring may vary.


Stock code 90617
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 38 x 22 x 26
Inner Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 28 x 17 x 17
Weight (kg) 6
Colour Grey/Black
Material Woodstone®
Wildlife (species) Swift
Wildlife (general) Swift