Eco-Plate 32mm Hanging Nest Box

NK DI 01 Nestkast ovaal
NK DI 01 Nestkast ovaal

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This nest box is made of Eco-Plate, a material made from recycled materials which is extremely weather resistant and protects against attacks by woodpeckers and other predators.

This 32mm hole wooden nest box will be used by House Sparrows, Redstarts, Tree Sparrows and Great Tits. The oval hole is preferred by House Sparrows and Redstart over traditional round-hole nest boxes and House Sparrows in particular will use the larger hole to perch whilst defending their nest against rivals and predators.


Hang the nest box with the supplied screw or nail or with an additional hanging bracket. No nesting material needs to be added.

When installing on a façade in front of the house sparrow, the nest box hangs at a minimum height of 3 meters, preferably under a roof edge or overhang.

When applying for the collared redstart, ring sparrow or tits and pied flycatcher, place the nest box at least 2 meters high in a tree. To place the nest box free hanging, the supplied hanging bracket can be hung over a branch.


Clean the nesting box once a year when the youngsters have flown out. To do this, turn the hook in the middle of the door 180 degrees. Then the bottom of the nest box can be removed. If a second brood follows, the nest box must be cleaned again in the late autumn. The reliability of the suspension must also be checked annually.





Stock code 90914
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 26 x 25 x 29
Inner Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 15 x 19 x 18
Weight (kg) 3
Colour Green
Hole Size oval
Material Eco-plate
Wildlife (species) Tree Sparrow, House Sparrow, Nuthatch, Bonte Vliegenvanger, Redstart
Wildlife (general) Sparrow, Redstart, Bats, Tits, Other Songbirds