Internal Barn Owl Nest Box (Plywood)

UK KE 01 Nestkast Kerkuil
UK KE 01 Nestkast Kerkuil

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This nest box offers nesting opportunities for the Barn Owl.


As the name suggests, the best place to site this box is in a barn or attic, preferably on farms buildings, large barns and churches. The nest box can be placed freely on a beam or on the wall. Barn owls prefer a dark quiet place. In the nest box, nesting material such as wood shavings or shredded bark can be added.


The nest box must be cleaned once a year in the late autumn. During the cleaning, any remaining nesting material can be removed. The reliability of the suspension must also be checked annually.

  • Forest Stewardship CouncilĀ®


Stock code 90328
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 79 x 46 x 39
Inner Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 56 x 43 x 36.5
Weight (kg) 13
Hole Size 110mm x 110m
Material Plywood
Wildlife (species) Barn Owl
Wildlife (general) Owl