Wall-Mounted House Martin Colony

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The house martin colony is made of Plywood and has 10 nesting bowls pre-assembled.

The colony can be placed freely against buildings, on a wall or façade. The advantage of a colony is that it can be hung in a place where house martin nests are desired, this prevents them from nesting over a front door or window for example. Ten nesting bowls have been installed, but there is also enough space for the house martins to build a nest themselves.

This colony is mounted by 2 heavy bolts in the wall. On the colony itself there are 2 fastening plates with openings in the form of an inverted keyhole so you can easily slide this and lift over the inserted bolts. With the attachment to a façade, this wall version is the most natural nesting location for house martins. No nesting material needs to be added.

If so desired, the nesting bowls can be cleaned in the late autumn if there has been (night) frost. The artificial nests can only be cleaned from the outside. The quality and stability of the wall must also be checked annually.


Stock code 90326
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 120 x 85 x 60
Weight (kg) 50
Wildlife (species) House Martin
Wildlife (general) Swallow