Vivara Pro House Swallow til

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This swallow cage offers nesting opportunities for the house martin. The lift is mounted on a 6 meter galvanized mast. The swallow lift is made of Plywood with bitumen roofing. A total of 18 nest bowls are pre-assembled.


The swallow lift can be placed anywhere where house martins occur. In the city, a village, gardens, green areas, parks, industrial areas you name it. There are 18 nesting bowls mounted on the swallow's cage, which provide nesting opportunities for the house martin, but there is also enough space for the house martins to build their own nest. No nesting material needs to be added. For the benefit of house martins, but also to prevent vandalism, it is advisable to place (spiky) vegetation around the post and against the post. You can place the house martin yourself, instructions are included. Vivara Pro can also place the lift for you, please indicate in the quote request (comments) that you would like a non-binding quote including installation.

The following parts are supplied with the swallow lift:

1 cup house swallow

1 galvanized mast, 6 meters long, diameter 88.9 mm, wall thickness 4.05 mm

3 stainless steel bolts M12 x 30 mm to properly fix the 'bus' over the mast

10 bags of high-speed concrete, 25 kg/piece

3 rolls (10 meters/piece) of nylon rope, to be used as a 'guy line' after installation (until quick concrete has cured)

3 round wooden posts 1 meter long, diameter 8 cm for the guylines

The house swallow head is also available separately.


If desired, the nest bowls can be cleaned in late autumn when there has been (night) frost. The artificial nests can only be cleaned from the outside. We recommend that you also check the quality and stability of the dovetail and post every year. Price on request.


Stock code 90325
Dimensions (h x Ø) (cm) 100 (til) x 120
Wildlife (species) House Martin
Wildlife (general) Swallow