Fauna Pole for Bats

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Fauna Poles are a system designed to help you attract a variety of species, creating a variety of nesting areas in a relatively small space. Various combinations are possible for the Fauna Poles, we advise that you please contact us to discuss your requirements.

This Fauna Pole is suitable for bats, and includes a combination of boxes from large to small. The top of the pole consists of four large maternity boxes, below these are two medium size boxes, and then two small boxes are situated at the bottom. The type of bat that will use the boxes depends of the species that occur locally.

A variety of combinations can be used for these poles, as they are made to order. We can advise on the combinations that offer the greatest potential for your site. The towers can be supplied for installation using your own site staff or we can quote for a package that includes delivery and installation using trusted and experienced contractors.


The wooden pole is 8 meters long and should be placed approximately 1.5 meters deep, we advise in concrete.


Every year the stability and quality of the wooden pole must be checked for wood rot and stability of the installation. The assembly of the boxes must also be checked annually.

If there are no bats in the boxes they can be cleaned once a year with a brush with a long handle.



Stock code 98417
Colour Various
Wildlife (species) Common pipistrelle, Nathusius's pipistrelle, Brown Long Eared Bat , Common noctule
Wildlife (general) Bats