Corsica Insect Hotel

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The insect hotel offers nesting opportunities for solitary bees and other small insects such as spiders, parasitic wasps, gauze flies, ladybirds and earwigs. Facilities have also been made for bumblebees and butterflies.


Place the insect hotel preferably in a sunny area, in close proximity to plants and flowers. The front, where possible, aimed at the south. The hotel can be dug into the ground with the poles, ensure the pole with the protective black layer is just above the ground level.


The insect hotel is treated with a clear water-based substance. A regular paint job will naturally prolong the shelf life. The bamboo tubes do not have to be replaced unless they are damaged or pulled out. The hotel should be checked once a year in the winter months for overall condition and stability.


  • Forest Stewardship CouncilĀ®


Stock code 92107
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 80 x 120 x 27
Colour Variety
Material Pine
Wildlife (species) Solitary Bees
Wildlife (general) Other Insects