Woodstone® Swift Nest Box (Plywood Back)

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Hundreds of years ago Swifts would have nested in natural holes in cliffs or mature trees, but they now nest almost exclusively in buildings. Modern construction and maintenance methods mean that Swifts are often denied access to suitable nesting sites, making nest boxes a useful contribution to the species’ long-term conservation.

Nest boxes should be placed under the eaves on walls at least 5 metres high, with a clear flight path to the entrance.

Our research with other Swift enthusiasts has led us to place the entrance hole on the underside of the nest box, as this seems to be better for Swifts whilst reducing competition from House Sparrows or Starlings, although where these red-listed species are a problem we encourage the use of nest boxes to help them as well as the Swifts.

Our WoodStone® range of nest boxes have been designed and developed as part of our professional Vivara Pro range. Unlike a traditional wooden nest box, this box will not rot away or deteriorate.

Constructed from a mix of concrete and wood fibres, WoodStone® nest boxes safeguard against attacks from predators including woodpeckers, cats and squirrels.

  • Forest Stewardship Council®


Stock code 90870
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 38 x 22.5 x 24
Inner Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm) 26 x 15.5 x 17
Weight (kg) 5
Material Woodstone® / Plywood
Wildlife (species) Swift
Wildlife (general) Swift